We are very proud of the reputation that we hold locally.

Year on year, feedback from our residents, their families, local GPs and linked care professionals tells us we provide outstanding care that’s second to none. But you need to see and feel this for yourself.

Our independence is at the heart of our difference.

Independence, for us means that we are not constrained by a business model that is driven by corporate imperatives.

We create our own vision, develop our own values and set our own staffing levels in excess of what would be considered usual, whilst at all times complying with our regulator, CQC's requirements.

Like all organisations, everything begins with good management.

The key people responsible for the home are always approachable and open - and because we believe in families continuing involvement in their loved ones' care, they spend a great deal of time developing relationships with people who live at Mavern House and their families.

The key management tasks are divided across our senior team, which frees up our manager Chloe to link very closely with everyone on a day to day level.

We have a clearly defined set of values that are well communicated and upheld across all that we do.

Overarching are the relationships we hold with the people who come to live at Mavern House and their families – these relationships form the care partnership.

Adopting the Eden Alternative philosophy of care has given a cohesion to our holistic and forward-thinking approach.

This philosophy is woven through all that we do at Mavern House and each and every staff member undertakes an intensive two day education programme as well as annual updates and ongoing supervision focussed on the principles.

Eden Alternative is an internationally recognised care standard, which places human growth at the core, enabling older people to be far more than a set of physical symptoms - as in the traditional medical model of elderly care.

Individual well-being is our aim and by focusing on eliminating the three plagues of old age: boredom, loneliness and helplessness, a person's experience of the symptoms of their aging can be transformed.


At Mavern House people live in one of four resident communities, each in a different area of the home.

Each community has its own dedicated group of staff who will get to know you personally ensuring they you cared about rather than just cared for. This will help you to develop real and meaningful relationships with those who work with you.

Our homely bedrooms have everything you might need but we support and encourage you to personalise your own space and create a room that reflects who you are and one that you will feel totally at home in.

We believe that happy staff are caring staff and we are blessed with a long-serving, stable workforce who understand and uphold our commitment to dignity, courtesy and respect.

We value our staff as our greatest resource and everyone has opportunities for progression with education and personal development, far beyond the statutory training requirements.

Beginning with the recruitment process, our staff are hand-picked for their personal qualities including warmth and compassion, as much as their professional experience. In fact they may never have worked in a care home before but, with guidance, training and support, blossom into the most wonderful care-giving companions. Wherever possible we like to involve those who live at Mavern House in choosing who works here.

In addition to training in all areas of regulatory importance, all staff are educated in the Eden philosophy of care as soon as possible after they join Mavern House and regular refresher courses keep everyone focused on the values that we espouse.